Bhavika Gajipra

Middlesex County Player

My cricket journey began a lot later than most, I was almost 18. I've always loved cricket but it was the 2011 World Cup that really inspired me to pursue the sport. I was playing and coaching simultaneously due to the limited women's presence in my club at the time. I also began training with the men's team and this really enhanced my game.

A year later I managed to get myself in the u19s middlesex squad for a season, however I had very limited experience of hardball cricket so didn't make the senior squad the following year. A few years later I managed to get into the first team squad and made my debut for Middlesex Women at Lord's.

Sonali Patel

Middlesex County Player

I started playing club cricket at the age of eight, and got selected for Middlesex U11 in the following winter. I continued through the age group pathway, as well as getting selected for the Middlesex EPP programme. I gained vast knowledge from training and playing a high standard from a young age. Throughout the Middlesex age groups I regularly captained the teams, leading us to national finals too. Additionally, I played for Surrey Stars RDC, which was a regional development programme, captaining a few games as well. I got the opportunity to debut for Middlesex first team in 2018. Alongside that, I was in the England academy for 2 years and was training up in Loughborough regularly with them. I’ve played semi professional cricket with Sunrisers for a few years, being the joint highest wicket taker for a season too. Currently, I’m a regular playing member for Middlesex Women

Artemis Downer

middlesex county player

My cricket journey began at 14 in school, igniting a passion for the sport. Joining Fulham CC introduced me to club-level cricket. Trialed with Middlesex and Surrey, reached second rounds in debut year but wasn't selected. Regrettably, my progress in the subsequent season was impeded by a stress fracture resulting from issues with my pace bowling technique. The following year, I joined Bushy Park Girls and played a full season with the team. Additionally, I played matches with Teddington CC and earned a spot in the U18 winter squad as a pace bowler after a re-trial with Middlesex.

In 2023, I expressed interest in becoming a leg spin bowler to Middlesex. By improving my batting skills, I gained a larger batting role and the chance to pursue leg spin. Additionally, I secured invitations to participate in some Middlesex Women's games due to their shortage of players, and I achieved some of my highest scores during those matches.

In 2024, I received an invitation to join the Middlesex Women's team for the remainder of the preseason and the entirety of the 2024 cricket season. I'm thrilled to dedicate my energy to this opportunity.

To enhance my skills, I train at Bedi Cricket Coaching, where I've honed my leg spin and elevated my batting to its current level.