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Her Journey

My cricket journey started at school when I was 14 years old since before then I had never even thought about playing cricket. I played about 3 matches and loved it enough to want to continue outside of school. My first club was Fulham CC however I only played 2 matches in my first season. I then trialed for Middlesex and Surrey and got the second rounds of both in my first year but didn't get into either squads. The next season, I was to play more proper hardball matches however I suffered from a stress fracture due to collapsing in my pace bowling action so that ruled out half the season. The next year, I moved to Bushy Park Girls and played a full season there whilst playing a few mens and boys at Teddington CC and retrialed for Middlesex only just having come back from my stress fracture and got into the winter squad for the U18s as a pace bowler. I batted low order and opened the bowling in my first year there having a successful bowling season and getting to the National T20 County Finals for U18. In 2023 I decided to tell Middlesex that I wanted to become a leg spin bowler. Since I had worked hard on my batting they allowed me to take on more of a batting role than the year before and allowed me to pursue leg spin. I started the 2023 season batting low order and finished the season opening and batting top order. I also managed to get invited to some Middlesex Womens games as they were short on players and had some of my best totals within those matches. In 2024, I got invited to play with the Middlesex Women through the rest of pre season and throughout the 2024 cricket season which I'm very excited to put my energy into.