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My cricket journey commenced during my school days at the age of 14, a sport that hadn't previously crossed my mind. Initially, I participated in approximately three matches, and the experience ignited a passion within me to pursue cricket beyond the confines of school. Joining Fulham CC marked my debut at a club level, although my inaugural season comprised only two matches.

Subsequently, I underwent training sessions with Middlesex and Surrey, progressing to the second rounds for both teams in my maiden year, albeit falling short of selection in either squad. Unfortunately, my aspirations were momentarily hampered during the following season due to a stress fracture induced by complications in my pace bowling action, sidelining me for a significant portion of the campaign.

Undeterred, I sought a fresh start with Bushy Park Girls the ensuing year, relishing a complete season with the team. Concurrently, I also engaged in matches with Teddington CC, along with a re-trial for Middlesex, where I secured a place in the winter squad for the U18s as a pace bowler. In my debut season, I flourished as a low-order batter and opening bowler, culminating in a successful run that saw me compete in the National T20 County Finals for U18.

In a pivotal turn of events in 2023, I expressed my desire to transition into a leg spin bowler to Middlesex. Leveraging the hard work invested in honing my batting skills, I was granted an expanded batting role and the opportunity to explore leg spin. The 2023 season witnessed my evolution from batting at the lower order to assuming an opening position and featuring prominently in Middlesex Women's games due to a shortage of players, achieving commendable performances along the way.

Looking ahead to 2024, I am thrilled to be invited to play with the Middlesex Women's team for the entirety of the pre-season and the forthcoming cricket season. This opportunity fills me with enthusiasm as I look forward to channelling my energy and dedication into the pursuit of excellence on the cricket field.

Artemis Downer

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